#SwingTheVote: 10 YouTubers, 10 Issues, 10 Weeks – and a lot of media planning…

To crown the Swing the Vote campaign, we decided to launch a 10 week serious using 10 YouTubers to each discuss an issue from the 10 vInspired had identified through research that concerned young people in the lead up to the General Election.

Here is a playlist to the series:


Paid activity was planned to drive traffic to the site and encourage sign ups. YouTube video ads, Twitter video cards, and Facebook video cards accounted for the bulk of the paid activity and this was supplemented with various organic promotion through existing channels, such as our email newsletters.

We also designed a Remarketing campaign on Twitter and Facebook to ensure we could build up a dialogue with the target audience and offer a window to direct them to the main call to action again as well as keep them first in mind for the latest video in the series.

If this doesn’t get young people voting in May, nothing will…



Hey Tinder, what’s your Blood Type?

This campaign was the final phase of the partnership with the NHS BT to help drive blood donor registrations from young people.

The language of love is very similar to the language of blood donations and so with the campaign ending at the end of February we decided to capitalise on Valentines day for activation by reaching out to people trying to find a perfect ‘type’, or ‘blood type’ in particular.

The targeting for the campaign was extremely straightforward – dating sites and apps that young people use, with Tinder providing the inspiration for the creative itself.

We created two versions of the campaign, one targeting guys and another aimed at ladies, and similarly segmented our audience by gender too.

This campaign was ran on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. For the latter two, we used the native Video Card advertising product rather than posting a YouTube video link and naturally, this resulted in greater engagement on those platforms.

Male Campaign

Female Campaign



Welcome to Manchester…


From the moment I heard we were launching a new charity fashion store in Manchester I knew what the campaign will be to announce ourselves to the city. Nothing says ‘Welcome to Manchester’ better than a spin on the classic Manchester City advert announcing the arrival of Carlos Tevez from across the road.

The spin was provided perfectly by the Wag culture prevalent in North-West England, this ad was firmly for the ladies, something fresh and exciting had arrived in Manchester and it wasn’t an expensive Argentinean striker.


The shop launch had been severely delayed and we eventually opened the doors on Friday 28th January. The timing fell perfectly over Transfer Deadline Day weekend and this substantially helped contextualise the advert to a broader footballing audience.

Building the targeting for this campaign was straightforward – both Manchester football clubs, related fan sites and popular blogs, Sky Sports news, and of course, the Wags and the places they frequent.

The copy attempted to both inform, intrigue, and unite the city and along with the striking brand colours the campaign was a huge success with a one of the highest engagement rates we’ve experienced.





What’s your New Year’s Resolution?


We’re hoping you’d say ‘give blood’. This campaign wanted to capitalise on the New Year’s resolutions phenomena when people desire to do good and make positive changes in their lives.

Registering as a blood donor was competing with traditional promises of ‘giving up smoking’, ‘joining the gym’, and ‘saving money’ – resolutions that are eagerly picked up with good intentions in January but seldom live to see the new moon.


Therefore, we wanted people to attempt to do something that didn’t require such an intense commitment, giving blood three times a year would make you extremely valuable to the NHS BT, whilst providing the rewarding feeling that comes with accomplishing any resolution.

Without trying to reduce these other resolutions to sounding whimsical, we positioned the language to show how giving blood regularly is more attainable that becoming a regular gym-goer.




We targeting this ad using the Youth 100 list and combined this with specific interest groups around Health and Fitness, and quit smoking societies.

The campaign enjoyed a good click-through rate and increased awareness for the NHS BT.


Targeting the Youth


Youth 100

This little book has provided our social media marketing campaigns with a huge boost in engagement. As a youth charity championing specific causes its easy to focus on simply trying to reach young people who are interested in similar causes.

What the Youth 100 magic book does is list the top UK brands across a wide range of categories ranging from Internet to Fashion, and Confectionary to Health and Beauty. And since this list is comprised from responses of 18-24 year old’s it fits perfectly with our core target audience.

So now, rather than try and finding a young person with a specific interest in a cause, we target young people by their broader interest groups and the brands they show affinity to.